Abenaki Circle of Courage Youth Share Culture at Castleton

The 3rd Annual Young Adult Voice Movement Conference was held at the Castleton State College on June 1st and 2nd 2012

This was an over-night event

The Vermont Youth in Transition Grant focuses on young adult involvement in an extremely authentic way. This years event has been completely designed by an amazing group young leaders from around the state.

Friday June 1st, registration opened at 4:00 p.m. and was packed full of fun. There was a live DJ, free dinner, Minute to win it games, dancing, live performances and so many more activities.

This was a lot of fun for everyone. Pictures of the young adults enjoying the company of their peers with the DJ music playing.

Young adults and volunteers were housed over night, FOR FREE, in dormitory depending on their gender.

Bright and early on Saturday we started with a free breakfast then moved into young adult designed workshops that included;

Substance Use and Abuse
Relationships and Domestic Violence
Young Adult Suicide
Cultural Workshop w/ the Circle of Courage
Young Adult Parenting
Camp Day Break and Mental Health Awareness
Racism and Diversity
Young Adult Leadership
Life Skills focused on finances
Self management
Small Business w/ Chocolates for Change

Young adults had the option to attend TWO workshops this year! (*The Cultural Workshop ran straight through the two*)

Throughout the day, there was free lunch and mingling. We closed our day with a guest speaker, evaluations, and fun!


The Abenaki Circle of Courage Youth Share Culture at Castleton:

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